Pakistan reconstructing Balakot area: Modi

Modi at TalkatoraPhoto Credit: Twitter Bjp4India

New Delhi । Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that Pakistan is reconstructing the Balakot area to prove as if nothing happened. Narendra Modi was addressing at Main bhi Chowkidar programme in New Delhi.

He further added that he took the decision for the Indian Air Force to conduct Balakot air strikes as his government decided to attack the camps from where the terrorists were operating.

“They have been saying that there are no terror camps. Now they have to hide it. They are not allowing anybody to go there. We have been told Balakot area is being reconstructed by Pakistan to show that a school is being run there, so that people can be taken there and shown that no terror camp existed there,” he said.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan’s dilemma was if it acknowledges that Balakot air strike happened, it would be akin to an admission that there was a terrorist camp there.

Through “Main Bhi Chowkidar” campaign from Talkatora Indoor Stadium Prime Minister was interacting with people on more than 500 locations across the country.  Prime Minister said he spent five years in fulfilling the country’s requirements and his next five years will be focused on addressing its aspirations.

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“When 130 crore people of the country decide to take the nation to new heights, no force can stop India from becoming a developed nation,” he said.

He said, the success of Mission Shakti is a big achievement of the country and due to efforts of the scientists, India has entered the elite club of space power.

“The world must know the strength of the country,” he added.